Tamotsu Yuzo, Soke the Third’s Installation Ceremony.

The Authentic tradition was inherited for the new era of Renshinkan.

“ I may die someday but there’s no sunset of our school” . This phrase, the last Founder’s message, has been deeply engraved in our heart for those who vow the inheritance of the Renshinkan school as a supreme proposition for 18 years.


This vow made us overcome the grief that we had to face Soke the Second’s too rapid death and lead us integrate our will to give rise to Soke the Third unanimously.



Feb 19 at Bugakusha.

The two big portraits, the Founder and Soke the Second, on the both side of the altar quietly watch over the installation ceremony which are about to begin, where there are witnesses; Mr.Kazuhiko Kiyokawa a special advisor, local Mayer of Hioki city.

Firstly, all the attendees stand up and offer silent prayers for the late Soke the Second as the solemn ceremony begins.

Vesting the Letter of Installation;

Chairman Masaki hands the Letter of Installation to Tamotsu Yuzo who will become the new Grand Master of Renshinkan, reading out “We will have Tamotsu Yuzo as the Grand Master of Shorinjiryu Renshinkan and to vest you the 10th Dan Hanshi by the consensus of all the Shihans nationwide”


There erupted a thunder of applause which was exactly the moment when Soke the Third was born. He made a vibrant inaugural speech to the audience by touching upon the memories of Soke the Second and his commitment to become the new Grand Master.



Thereafter was an announcement of long-sought Incorporated Federation where the new board members and executives of Renshinkan Renmei gathered on the stage in order to introduce themselves.

The new Renmei’s Chairman Masaki, which decision had been made by the late Soke’s will, explained to the attendant concerning the institutional reform and its purpose of organizing the new Renmei, expressing his decision that Renshinkan has to keep on developing even stronger to live up with our school’s expectation.


Following are the statement:

“The new Renmei has just started and we know there are piles of issues we have to address to.

For instance, we have to work on the way how we can improve the judging skills and unification of promotion exams that varies from branches. I’m quite sure that will allow us to establish the authority of the school.

We also have room for improvement of the efficient administration by making the best use of IT technology, etc.


We will bring solutions to each issue we face now by working closely with the new board members and having a support in liaison with Soke.

I believe we can make it that you’d feel glad for having been practicing Karate and a member of Renshinkan. But it’s just started so we seek your cooperation.”


Many Shihans across the country gathered there gave a loud applause toward his high-principled remarks, which allowed Shihans and every member of Renshinkan to reassuring the belief.


After that, we moved to Shiroyama Kankoh Hotel in Kagoshima where there was a gathering for Soke the Third’s name taking ceremony, we had over 300 participants representing all walks of life.