Guiding principles

Renshinkan Karate-do is road to formation of the human beings.

respect the human life

It take whole life to master the Karate-do, and require the sound spirit and body.
From the viewpoint of respecting human life and clarifying refereeing, Renshinkan Karate-do has been insisting on and apply the using protective gear style.
The Karate-do is not the martial arts to pursue the win, but the martial arts to save life and the way how to get on in the world.

Karate technique

Be not harmed by other, and do not harm people. Do not harm both oneself and others is the origin of Karate-do.
Renshinkan Karate-do is self defense techniques that use the technique like “flexibilities overcomes stiffness”. The completed sparring techniques of Renshinkan must not use for violence without justice.

form the human-being

Karate-do is health management method based on following nature. The sound body become basic element to cultivate the sound spirit.
Renshinkan Karate-do is to know the truth with body, and the cultivating way to refine the imperturbable oneself.


pursue the knowledge

To master the Karate-do is as same as to know truth. Even though life or society has changed, one who know truth will never lost oneself. In addition, should do with the truth that believing in.

pursue the moral

Though the Karate-do, esteem respect, harmonize with others, and ,in the firendly competition, learn nobility about to live nobly as human.
To live rightly for others bases to create the sound society, and it is eternal challenge and wish for human.
To lead peaceful society into the right path is started with the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness after rejecting the ego and selfish.

pursue the art

The every actions which is expressed in the Kata has enchanted beauty that expresses as calmness, pause, and movement.
The spirit of oneself inhabits in completed Kata that is developed with a desire to improve and the practice everyday.
The beauty that from spirit is more beautiful than beauty that express with only the surface.

Formation of sound human-beings builds sound society

Shorinji-ryu Karate-do Federation Renshinkan
Founder Isamu Tamotsu